This will be the first recorded circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight in a 29er dinghy. The first by a youth (under 17) helm and crew and the first by a crew and helm who both have Type 1 diabetes.
Latest News:
To increase awareness of this chronic condition and at the same time send a message to say that despite the condition those
affected can aim high and succeed. It is also hoped that significant funds can be raised to help research into finding a cure and
improving care whilst waiting. Don't quite understand Type 1 Diabets? Find out more.

William Chanter was diagnosed with T1 10 year ago at 6 years old and Tom Baker who was diagnosed with T1 2 years ago.

In What?
A 29er, which is a doublehanded high performance skiff with single trapeze. The 29er is very unstable unless well sailed at
speed, prone to capsize but good fun. The design is along the same lines as the Olympic 49er with a high tech hull built for
lightness and strength in the UK by Ovington.

Bough Beech Sailing Club is providing a RIB and a member is providing a motor cruiser for additional on the water support.
William Chanter is a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Youth Ambassador. We are very grateful to the four core
supporters of this event who have ensured it is adaquately funded. They are: Sanofi, Lion Trust, Artemis and River and

Isle of Wight
Made by William Chanter at William Chanter Designs.